what's in Badhaai Do


what's in Badhaai Do 

Shardul Thakur is a police office presented on Dehradhun, a police headquarters for ladies. He is feeling the squeeze from his family to get hitched, however he isn't excessively enthused about the thought since he's gay. Sumi (Bhumi Pednekar) functions as a PE (Phys Ed) educator in a secondary school. She, as well, is being forced by her family to get hitched however she is lesbian. She enlists on a dating application where she 'meets' an appealing lady and they talk for some time. After gathering 'her', she observes that the individual is really a man with a phony record.

 She confronts him, and he tells her the story of his life. Shardul is the son of Thakur (Pankaj Kapoor), a politician and power-broker in Dehradun. His father wants him to marry a girl of his choice, but Shardul isn't interested. He instead lies to his family that he is already married and has a son named 'Namish'. In order to hide the lie, he rents out an apartment for his wife and son to stay at. On one occasion when Namish's mother goes to meet Shardul's father for a friendly get together, she ends up locking herself out of the house and has no other option but to call Shardul for help. Namish's mother, who is in love with Shardul's father (Ekansh Kohli), becomes extremely aggressive after finding out that he married a woman to have her son. Shardul then makes up a story about his wife having gone to meet his father.

 Shardul's father throws Namish out of the house and requests Shilo (Manish Chaudhary) to take him away. Namish goes to Shilo and the duo live together. Initially, Shardul doesn't want 'Shilo' too close as she would ruin the lie but soon finds that he can't live without her anymore.

Shardul is then transferred to Lucknow to solve a case. Shardul finds out that the case was actually a murder, however after learning that the victim was gay, he becomes reluctant in solving it. Shilo then takes up the job of finding out who actually killed him. As Shardul gets too engrossed in his work, Shilo starts suspecting him of having an affair with someone. Later she comes to know that it's just Namish overacting and Shardul being unable to handle the situation properly.

Shilo soon comes to realise how important she is in Shardul's life and how much he cares for her. Eventually, she meets Shardul's parents and they are happy to meet her. They both later find out that Namish is actually Shardul's twin brother and not his son. Shardul then tell Shilo about the lie he told about him having a son and finally confesses his love for Shilo. Shilo is happily in love with him but is sad to know that Namish is still very attached to her.

After knowing that Namish was actually Shardul's twin brother, they both decided to get together with each other just as their grandmother did. As they both were married in life, they hold their wedding on the same day at their house with the entire family attending it.

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