Slumdog Millionaire the most inspired movie for youngsters

 Slumdog Millionaire

The movie revolves around a young Jamal Malik, who at the beginning of the movie is a troubled boy growing up in an Indian slum. The movie shows his trials and tribulations as he strives to build an honest and steady life for himself. He becomes friends with Dev Patel's character Latika, who through her stories and escapades helps him grow in maturity.

While Jamal tries to find his place in the world, other characters try to lure him into various traps. His best friend Salim reportedly steals money from a rich man named Mr. Raywani but this is later retracted by him, suggesting that Salim is not entirely dishonest. As a teenager, Salim tries to convince Jamal to rob Mr. Raywani, who had previously stolen a large sum of money from him. The idea of robbing Raywani appeals to Jamal and he thinks about it often. However, he does not act upon his desire due to his moral principles and unavailability of any closer plan.

He tries to establish himself as a good and hardworking person by holding several jobs in various industries such as a call center, selling mobile phones in front of a cinema theater, tutoring some students for the university entrance examinations (which later turns out to be successful), etc. One day he came across a bar girl who offers him money and a better life, but he refuses to take her offer as he does not like it.

One day, Jamal finds a wallet that belongs to the local mafia leader, Salim's uncle. He tries to return the wallet back to Mr. Rajan for which he is rewarded with 10,000 rupees and some more cash. Mr. Rajan asks him (Jamal) if he can find his daughter Namita, who is missing from the past few days. Jamal agrees and finds Namita, who is working in a local beauty parlor with a friend of hers, located near his home.

Jamal returns Namita to Mr. Rajan and gets 50,000 rupees as a reward. Mr. Rajan asks Jamal to meet him again later, but he never comes back due to his busy schedule. Rajan loses heart and thinks that Jamal has fooled him by not returning to meet him again which causes Jamal to have a bad reputation in the slum area as he becomes known as "chor" (thief/cheat). He feels guilty for hurting Mr. Rajan's feelings and tries to make amends by helping out the poor people around him.

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